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The Interleder company in Olszany has existed in the fur market since 1979. It has been managed constantly by Teresa and Henryk Rosiek.

The Interleder company displays its goods at the trade fairs in Frankfurt, Moscow, Wilno and Poznań.

The concept of the company is to produce the goods of the highest quality, quickly and cheaply.

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Global Fashion Trade Fair (Germany)

5-7 February 2006 the World Fashion Trade Fair "Global Fashion" is going to be held in Dusseldorf in Germany. We will be there. We do invite!



The cutting-edge technology of cutting the hair.
The company has recently purchased the machine which enables the cutting out of various patterns in the hair, with the use of computer technology.
Therefore, there appear new opportunities and ideas as to the approach to the fur pelts. They get a different dimension and character, which is noticeable and approved of by the world-class stylists and fashion designers.


Miss Poland 2005 Competition

The Ewa Minge's collection of fur coats made from INTERLEDER pelts.

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